Research projects (until 2008)

Distributional idiosyncrasies
(bound words, polarity items)
Project A5, SFB 441, University of Tübingen
PPI-Project, University of Tübingen
Phraseology, Idioms IVP-Project, University of Jena
German Syntax Department of German Linguistics, Jena
Formal Grammar, HPSG HPSG in Tübingen
Further interests: Lexicology, Electronic Dictionaries, Typography

Teaching at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen

Summer Term 2008 Seminar "Visualizing and Presenting in Research and Teaching"
course homepage
Winter Term 2007/2008 Proseminar/Basic Module ISCL "Introduction to Computational Linguistics"
course homepage
Winter Term 2006/2007 Proseminar/Basic Module ISCL "Computational Linguistics II - Parsing"
(with Frank Richter)
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Teaching at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Summer Term 2005 Proseminar "Einführung in die Grammatiktheorie"
Hauptseminar "Einführung in eine formale Grammatiktheorie: HPSG"
(with Christine Römer)
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Winter Term 2004/2005 Proseminar "Einführung in die Grammatiktheorie" (2x)
Summer Term 2004 Proseminar "Einführung in die Grammatiktheorie"
Winter Term 2003/2004 Prüfungskolloquium "Sprachtheorie"
(with Christine Römer)